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Under Development


Toon! aims to be a fun Tango! drop-in replacement theme for the Tango! svg-based icon set. As such, we abide to the standard naming convention as published by www.freedesktop.org.


Toon! is an unintentional fork based on the Gartoon theme by zeus which Sem Buka downloaded to his laptop some years ago. Since that time both developers have expanded on the original theme by adding new icons. Both icon themes evolved also in different ways: Gartoon by incorporating new icons, Toon! mostly by `toonifying` icons from other sets, such as Gnome SVG.

As it stands now, Gartoon has more original icons, is developed for the Gnome Desktop, and has a more fun undertone than Toon! This theme tries to aim at multiple desktops and provide a more clear base by adhering to some simple rules. We also try to make it more of a group effort by using the sourgeforge.net platform, therefor enabling publishers to work cooperatively on this theme. A goal is to develop a small set of programs which automate the process of cross-desktop theme development.


No files have been released yet. Our first release will be a set adhering to the guidelines.


I am currently working out the licensing. Please note that Gartoon, and Gnome SVG, are licensed under the GPL. (Please read the GPL license at www.gnu.org) Please note that Tango is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license. (Please read the CC-BY-SA license at tango.freedesktop.org)

Last edited by Sem Buka, October 1 2006